Achievers announces the new Achievers Employee Experience Platform™ to increase belonging at work

Achievers, the progressive choice for employee voice and recognition solutions, announced today the launch of the new Achievers Employee Experience Platform — a connected ecosystem of products and integrations that power a relevant and agile employee experience strategy — at its annual user conference, Achievers Customer Experience (ACE). 

For today’s workforce, the employee experience is more fragmented than ever. According to the Achievers Workforce Institute’s 2021 Engagement and Retention Report, just 21% of employees are very engaged, and almost half of people say they feel less connected to their company and colleagues compared to before the pandemic. The digital workplace means connecting with systems is far more prevalent than connecting with colleagues. HR programs suffer from a similar fragmentation due to disparate systems for programs like analytics and bottlenecks in administration. The new Achievers Employee Experience Platform is designed to activate belonging at the same time as it delivers on the need for global, meshed, and smart work experiences.

“The recognition and rewards space has evolved, and so have we,” says Jeff Cates, CEO and president at Achievers. “We have the broadest employee experience platform in the industry from high frequency social recognition to continuous performance management and voice of the employee. Focusing on new and emerging problems, it’s about combining digital systems and workflows with behavioral science for a seamless experience. This is what our new platform is all about — it’s about making it easy to lean into the impact of recognition on inclusion and belonging.”

The vision for the Achievers Employee Experience Platform is informed by the science of belonging, extending from the leading expertise Achievers has in recognition and rewards. Research from the Achievers Workforce Institute’s latest Culture of Belonging at Work report found that the employees with a strong sense of belonging feel a strong sense of connection, and are twice as likely to be engaged, productive, committed, enthusiastic, and resilient as a result. In fact, more than a third of employees with a low sense of belonging say they have never received a formal recognition.

“This data-driven model of belonging provides powerful scaffolding to guide organizations through the complexities and priorities of building the employee experience in ways that activate an employee-powered culture,” says Dr. Natalie Baumgartner, Chief Workforce Scientist at Achievers. “Success in driving each of the five belonging factors predicts increased employee engagement, job satisfaction, and mental health — while also decreasing fatigue and emotional exhaustion.”

To cultivate belonging, the platform approach uses relevant, personalized, mobile-first experiences, as well as AI-driven content, to activate employee participation. This in turn encourages employee belonging by building employee networks, helping employees feel seen and heard, and supporting inclusive interactions.

The Achievers Employee Experience Platform includes the following:

  • Recognize – Fuel company culture by activating company values and priorities with high-frequency and high-impact recognition. 
  • Celebrate – Ensure unique contributions and career milestones get the special recognition they deserve without administrative time and effort. 
  • Reward – Make your diverse workforce feel valued by maximizing the value of points and choice of rewards. 
  • Listen – Build a real-time picture of the employee experience with an integrated action-driving feedback suite. 
  • Connect – Increase employee belonging by building employee networks and guiding inclusive interactions.

In 2020, Achievers’ members shared close to 30 million recognition and 4.5 million celebration moments. To learn more about the Achievers Employee Experience Platform, watch the overview video.

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